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Red Alert T-Shirt originated largely because we couldn't find T-shirts that expressed our viewpoints anywhere else. After designing and printing some shirts for ourselves, we soon realized that the messages conveyed on our shirts resonated with so many others that we were encouraged to make them available to everyone.

Some of the sentiments expressed in our shirts are a direct response to the daily distortions perpetrated by a maliciously manipulative mainstream media. We want to give voice to those who feel part of the silenced majority, good people with honorable intentions who love their country, only to be cowed into silence by the insidious dictates of political correctness. The beliefs and values of this silenced majority are constantly maligned and mischaracterized by a malevolent, decaying, dinosaur media, which has only intensified its partisanship as its influence has waned. We intend to fight back -- one T-shirt at a time.

Red Alert T-Shirt strives to make shirts from an irreverent, humorous perspective. Now, we don't wish to deliberately offend anyone, but leftists are notoriously humorless and hypersensitive. So to any visiting pinkos, light up your medical marijuana and lighten up. Among other goals, we are trying to penetrate the coarsened culture. We hope to reach people exposed to that culture and let them know that they can live a liberal life and still be -- and, more importantly, VOTE -- conservative.

Among other things, in no particular order, WE REJECT the 1960's toxic generation's degradation of our society, steroid use in baseball, the global warming hoax, the left's deification of cowardly child murderers Fidel Castro and Che Guevera, terrorist and communist appeasement, Red Chinese gendercide, Obama and Shrillary Clinton's capitulation diplomacy, the Borking of outstanding originalist judicial candidates, the smothering of dissenting views by the lockstep leftist media, news suppression and distortion on network nightly news fraudcasts, cartoonish augmented breasts, a post- constitutional judiciary, criminal confession suppression, mock marriage, congressional and presidential economic illiteracy, virulently anglophobic illegal alien insurgency, serial spawning subsidies, Hollywood high-school-dropout drivel, weed welfare, the immoral institutional racism of affirmative action, the characterization of conservative blacks as sellouts or Uncle Toms, the Socialist Stepfordization of ethnic minorities, Democrat party voter fraud (ACORN, SEIU, Bush v. Gore), vicious government union bureaucrats, thug culture on the streets, on television, in the NBA, or in the White House, the left's proscription of religious expression in the public square and their disregard for America's strong tradition of religious pluralism, and, finally, the further entrenchment of a neocomm, proxy-apartheid atheiocracy.

We hope you join us in fighting back against the seemingly intractable leftist ideologues and their despicable agenda. They are indefatigable, but so are we. The truth still matters. Reason can be restored, and it's not too late to rescue America. So change into your Red Alert T-Shirt, and join us in that fight!